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Do I have to be able to cook to serve these dishes?

The answer is clear, no! The dishes have been prepared as much as possible by the chefs. You only have to heat up the food. If you are not sure how to do this, then you can watch the video where the chef shows you what to do. It doesn't get any easier!

What kind of equipment do I need to prepare a menu?

Nothing special in particular. A pan, hand blender and oven will do the job.

Do I need special kitchen aids?

Yes, for some menus you need a grater or a plug.

Is there a vegetarian menu?

Yes, of course we have put together a special menu for vegetarians. You will get this option when you click the tab 'Vegetarian'.

I have an allergy/special diet. Is there a special menu available for this?

Unfortunately, not yet. We are working hard to provide special menus for allergies and special diet wishes soon.


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