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The pioneers behind Cook Like a chef found each other in their passion for top-notch ingredients, and top-notch restaurant food. Why is this same quality unavailable to people at home, they mused?

And that was the beginning of this new gastronomic platform, started up with the following partners: Marcel van Breda and Jos van Vuren of Schmidt Zeevis, top quality seafood supply merchants; hospitality magnate Erik Pekel from PEEK Wadden Sea Island products, VHC Jongens, culinary photographer Jan Bartelsman and Maik Kuijpers, former executive chef at De Librije in Zwolle

With thanks to:

Bart Wijnimport

Lieze Zonneveld, Graphic Design and Art Direction

Chris Ellen, 53 Graden Noord

Acadia: Ruud Besems en Wilfred van Breda

Cees Nouwens

Ellen Scholtens: Text

Sherrill Rose: English translation

The Project Doctor: Stephanie Kuijpers

The Bird Tsang, Robin de Vogel & Johannes Tsang: For the custom tableware on the photo's

Pitch PR

Chefs: Huub Mansfeld, Bjorn Nichols, Herman Klukkert

Michel Stavenuiter

Ingrid Hofstra for the photo of Jonnie en Therése Boer


Realization Acadia.